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Rentals in the Triangle have become more difficult to obtain in the last few years. As more residents move to our community, the prime locations can be difficult to find housing. 


As you are starting your search, there are two types of available rental properties to be considered - privately owned homes and apartments. 

1) Privately Owned Homes - These homes become available when either an investor purchases a property for the intention of renting out the home or a homeowner decides to purchase a new property and keep their previous home for rental. 


Because privately owned homes can sometimes be in more popular locations or established neighborhoods, this can give a different feel to a rental situation. It also can make the process of finding one a little harder. In order to be alerted to new properties as soon as they come on the market, please fill out the submission form on the right side of the page. This free automated search will put you first in line to new listings. 


2) Apartment Communities - Throughout the Triangle area, new apartment communities are popping up all over! With these communities, rates change regularly and the price one day can change drastically the next. When looking for an apartment, figure out the area that suits you best and do a general google search within that area. Make sure to compare amenities, construction quality, lighting and age of appliances when making your decision. Please feel free to ask your Realtor questions and opinions about these communities, but because they are not listed through the MLS, pricing information will have to come directly from the source


Please keep in mind that as you are looking at apartments, often the Property Manager will pay your Realtor for a referral if you give their name. If someone has been helping you find your next home, see if you can help them back! ​


Questions to Ask Before Renting a Property


• What changes can you make? Ask your landlord how much you can alter the home. Can you paint the walls a bright color? What about making holes in the wall to hang pictures? Not being able to decorate your home the way you want may alter your decision; however, there are ways to make changes without upsetting your landlord.


• How is maintenance handled? Should you be making the repairs yourself or will the landlord handle them? What about emergency repairs? Ask this question before you sign on the dotted line so you’re aware of your financial responsibilities.


• What’s the penalty for breaking the lease early? Most leases have a time limit and a repercussion for breaking the lease. Find out the fee in advance so you can add it into your budget should you need to move.


• How are utilities factored in? Ask if you will be responsible for paying the utilities or if you’ll owe the landlord a lump sum that is included in your monthly rent. Find out the details about your monthly utility bills before the lease is signed so you can budget properly.

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